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Reader discussion question when was the last time you saw a snake and did you handle it better or worse than Tarsit did. Also reader discussion question do you agree or disagree with whatever the fuck aja is talking about

Today's patreon post is on Marsilan political philosophy

Siguiente capitulo el 4 de diciembre.

PREGUNTAS PARA EL LECTOR: Cuentame de la ultima vez que hayas visto una serpiente. Respondiste mejor o peor que tarsit?? Tambien, estas de acuerdo o no con lo que sea que este diciento aya

Hoy en el patreon hablamos de la filosofia politica de marsila

7 thoughts on “1.12

  1. I’m glad aja understands that all physiology is theology

    1. SO true so glad you’re getting it. Just u wait for more stuff aja understands. She understands many things

  2. first of all, yikes. second of all, yo, I find Aja so fascinating… both with the way she talks and the facial expressions she makes she reminds me SOOO much of like some young Roman Catholic/Orthodox converts I’ve known who are like, so eager to prove how well read and “correct” they are… it’s like a really specific type of intellectual pride that I’ve seen so often in real life but have so rarely been reminded of in fiction. third of all the colors here ABSOLUTELY SLAP…………

    1. I’m glad I find her psychology very interesting too … RIP aja you would’ve loved rod dreher ….

    2. Yes! I was trying to place it as well and “recent Roman Catholic/Orthodox convert” hits the nail on the head. XD

  3. OH ALSO discussion question 1 the last time I saw a snake was like a week ago and I, like tarsit, had my foot on it, I think I handled it like almost exactly the same way except I said something like “oh! a snake! I’m standing on it!” fortunately my snake was not a piece of shit snake and kindly allowed me to continue on my way without biting me. discussion question 2 mmmmmmmmm uhhhhhhhhhhhh well I definitely don’t agree with it when SHE says it 😂⁉️

    1. WHAT omg i am glad the snake was a normal snake … That’s scary as hell

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