It's okay guys Aja has it handled.

Anyway I will TRY to have the next update up and ready by 12/18 but I will be flying around and if there's any time for a short break, it's between chapter 1 and 2 anyway. If I miss it, come back 12/25.

Today's patreon post is about Tjepit. 

No se preocupen raza Aya lo tiene todo bajo control.

Bueno voy a intentar tener el siguiente episodio listo para el 18 de diciembre pero voy a estar viajando y en cualquier caso tiene sentido descansar un poco entre el primer y el segundo capítulo. Asi que si no subo nada el 18, regresen el 25 de diciembre.

Hoy en patreon hablamos de Tyepit

4 thoughts on “1.14


  2. I like that she didn’t technically kill him herself but still definitely participated in his death. What a messed up situation.

  3. that last panel of the first page is one of my favorite expressions so far, it’s so strange with the tears and the wide wide eyes, and the dialogue that mentions the idea of being a “beast” (even a higher one) adds to how it feels to look at it…………. I just really like it……. also HEYYYYYY AJA YIKESSSSSS AHHHHHHH

    1. back 2 weeks later to say what the FREAK also the colors here are so good, the shift from the passionate heat-of-the-moment red to the cold, desaturated blue is like. oh. What Have I Done. chilling

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